Kyon facepalm

bow before the master of the facepalm!!!!

Im not the most logical or best debator on any forum. i try to be as careful as possible as to not make an idiot of myself. lolz. this is my first time making a profile like this so if anyone wants to add anything, go ahead. i try to debate with logic and use as many resources as possible. i rarely debate on threads that use anime or mange ive never read or wached before. my specialty is manga and light novels. ive also read quiet a few books

i spend most of my time in the manga fox arena and the obd battle dome

i've created a group in another forum to help new debaters and noob debaters learn how to debate and not act like fanboy/girls.

heres some of my favs:

to aru majutsu no index (anime and light novel)

negima (manga version)

sword art online (light novel)

Suzumiya Haruhi (anime and light novel)

Full Metal Alchemist (anime and manga)



fate/stay night

things i like hmmmm

anime, manga, light novels, books, comics, video games (especialy mmo's), pizza, machinima, j rock and j pop and an other j music lolz, well writen fanfiction, drawing and sarcasm (really hard to convay over the net though).

dislikes (yes there are things i dislike ahahahahah)

trolls, wankers, fanboys, fangirls, haters, unjust bashing, flamebaiting by other ppl (ya i know im a hypocrit), illogical ppl, ppl who refuse to use scans for retarded reasons (you should always use scans to back up your argument), strikeman from obd (hate him lots!!!!!), racing games, sports games, twilght (damn it to hell!!!!!!!!!), the end of harry potter, the guys who cut angel beats short, naruto, naruto, naruto, extreme sarcasm and anything french related (had some bad experiences with french related things [except french fries. gota love french fries])

check out these sites: ,

well thats all for now lolz

all other comments can be posted bellow here.

Hey Zer0light. since you love fanfiction and fate/stay night, Heres a site where you can read excellent fanfiction about F/S night and other Nasuverse-related ones:

ps. I was the one who wrote that, I wasnt logged in. -silvercover