Z with 5 LHWs on his back.

Character Name: Z-0001332536893

Universe Name: Tenchi Muyo!

Status in regards to the plot: Main villain

Powers and Abilities: Super speed, super strength, teleportation, time travel, telekinesis, energy projection, matter manipulation, able to generating 5 Light Hawk Wings, regeneration, dimensional travel, transforming body into light, etc

Destructive Capability: Causally blew half of Earth and the Moon with ease.

Speed: Massive Faster Than Light with Light Hawk Wings.

Intelligence: Capable to outsmarting nigh-omniscient/omnipotent cosmic beings, cunning and manipulative, expert in the usage of Light Hawk Wing.

Stamina: Nigh-endless due to his Light Hawk Wings

Durability: Multi-Galaxy level (Tanked a attack that casually busted galaxies from 2 nigh-omnipotent goddesses.)

Race: Alien/Cosmic Anomaly

Occupation: Experiment of nigh-omnipotent cosmic being known as Tokimi

Accurary: Very accurate ace pilot fighter-spacecraft before awakened as Cosmic Anomaly