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ID-Xeno (Ryu.D.Dragon previously)

Joined Mangafox on July 2010. My current user name is ID-Xeno. also known as Xeno, ID or Ryu (whatever you like).

A hardcore gamer, and obviously I love reading mangas and watching animes. I also like reading books and writing stories.

My favorite mangas mainly are comedy and mystery ones (One Piece on the top ofc), I also like fantasy and mature (Especially the ones with a lot of gore) mangas. I also read other kind mangas as long as they are good. And it's said that I like harems too, but I am not sure about that though LOL.

The same applies on animes. As for Games, Mainly I am an RPGer.

When I started posting in the forums (At the arena specifically) under the name Ryu.D.Dragon, I admit that I was ummm ... kinda nub and had some fanboism in me, Since it was my first time in mangas related forums and such, But by time I abandoned my old self and got used to things in the forum and the arena, and then I decided to change my user name too.

I enjoy reading troll threads and posts (and hate them in the same time), But I tend to ignore them sometimes.

I hate fanboism (Ironic isn't it?) and ignorant people.

Most of the time you'll see me in the The Arena and One Piece Forum .

Note: Feel free to add.