A pure fanboy for loli, who joined MangaFox on 29th October 2009. Eventhought had joined much earlier, I fully become obssesed with The Arena Section during LL's Anime/Manga Ultimate Character Tournament

A gamer and also an otaku, I'm am purely fag for Kugimiya Rie's role, which alternatively means that whenever they are pitted in OBD, 90% chanc that I will troll that thread.

I also not that good as a debater but still in training to hold my fanboyism from purely changing me into a troll.


- Sanzen'in Nagi

- Four Tsundere Wonders - Kugimiya Rie (.....)

- Loli

- Tsundere

- Any shows that have comedy

- Any shows that have comedy and badassness.

Any comments or etc, just edit it xD