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Kubo, why'd you kill one of the best Bleach characters?

Character Name: Ulquiorra Cifer / Ulquiorra Schnifer

Universe Name: Bleach

Status in regards to the plot: One of the main antogonist

Tier in the series: High tier, likely higher in R2 form

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Super strength, durability, speed, overwhelming reiatsu, dimensional crossing/connecting, regeneration (high), can sensing spiritual beings on massive scale, master swordmanship specialist and hand-to-hand combat, immense hierro, can fired reiatsu blast, pseudo flight (walk and run on air), serveral transformations, can instantly transfer memory and reply what he see to the other, sonido master

Destructive Capability: Town level by powerscaling | Town level+ (can fired Black Cero which strong enough to wipe more than 1/4 of Las Noches' dome in this state, he also showed to be overpower Vaizard Ichigo very easy, there might be a chance he can use attack such as Gran Rey Cero as well) | At least town level+ (now he can fire Black Cero instantly without charging and its power is serveral times upgraded than the previous from, strong enough to wipe out more than half of Las Noches' dome, can reach to city level with Lanza del Relampago since it can create an explosion much larger than Las Noches although it already get throwed pretty far)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (can keep up with Vaizard Ichigo and able to outclass Bankai Ichigo) | Hypersonic+ (easily blitz Vaizard Ichigo and can fly to the highest floor Las Noches in moment) | Hypersonic+ (much more faster than previous state and were calc to be double digit mach)

Intelligence: Remarkable combat prowess, great insight and understanding to situations at hand. Highly perceptive and analytical, can easily deduce the basic idea of his opponent's skills to figure out its strengths and weakness, he also capable notice many small details although he is locked in a pocket dimension

Stamina: Can fight even his body were nearly completely destroyed

Durability:  Town level (tank Bankai Ichigo's attack with ease and Vaizard's Ichigo with few damages) | town level+, possibly higher (easily overpower and via powerscaling through Vaizard Ichigo's tanking ability) | At least town level+ (tank a point blank and concentrated Vasto Lorde Ichigo's Cero face-to-face and still able to walk, attacks also regeneration make him hard to kill)

Race: Arrancar / Hollow

Occupation: Fighter

Range: Serveral of kilometers

Weakness: Lanza del Relampago is hard to aim

Accurary: Unknown

Standard Equipment:

Other: Base form | First release | Segunda Etapa


1082029-murcielago by miranu super the absolute...despair.

Segunda Etapa:

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Lanza del Relampago:

Ulquiorra lanza del relampago by thegetsugatenshou

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Cero Oscuras:

Ahatake Cero Oscuras

Now you get blow to pieces.

Battle History in The Arena:

Notable MF Victories:

-Strike Witches verse(Strike Witches)