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A sucky verse with sucky pseudo-sparkely-vampires and shirtless pseudo-werewolves. The main character is the sparkliest-pseudo-pedo-vampier ever to walk the pages of fiction. Hes more emo than saucegay and has more fangirls than itachi.

This page is open for editing from anyone soo have fun and feel free to do what you want. lolz

They are actually quite strong though.

For the Vamps(though they're more of golems though):

Hard as a rock, super strength(at least strong enough to carry a car), super speed, super senses basically. Even when pulled apart or beheaded, they an pull itself back together if the parts are close enough to fuse back. They have to be burned(or anything similar) to be killed.

Some of them have other powers like telepathy, illusions, mental pain, elemental control, emotion control, premonition, etc.

For the werewolves(though they're actually shape-shifters):

High regeneration, super strength, super fast, keen senses. They can share thoughts with one another for perfect teamwork. Teeth are sharp enough to cut through rock(Vamps skin).

Note: Twilight is hated to an extreme degree by the forums so they will immediately loose any kind of fight even if they are able win. Labelled as fail, if they are ever made, its just to bash them.Edit