Toriko is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro.


The story start when a young chief named Komatsu asks Toriko to hunt a Galala Crocodile.The story is revolving around food. The main character Toriko wants to complete a full course and is traveling with Komatsu to find tasty ingredient.

Toriko is one of the Heavenly King nickname Glutton, as he has a huge appitite. He also doesn't kill animal without a reason. He only kills animal that he decided to eat.

Standing and Main PowersEdit

In term of power they are pretty powerful. It is weaker than Fairy Tail. But that problably will change when they get to the Gourmet World. They lack speed, they are at best supersonic.

has now got top tiers that are hybersonic+ to possibly massively hybersonic, Generic weaker tier monsters can fire projectiles at massively hypersonic speeds but it's unknown lf top tiers or lower can dodge them yet.

has tons of monsters that are city sized inhabiting the Human World with some being several times the size of a 20 km Honey Prison and a character named Chin Chin(which means peins in Japanese) can scoop up mountains with his Spoon casualty,top tiers are likely mountain+ to likely higher from powerscaling given precedent of weaker fighters (also Ichiryuu a top tier scored a Surprise Level of 95 which ranks at a level equivalent to a huge meteorite hitting the Earth).

It currently ranks above the Power 6,Mahou Sensei Negima and Yu Yu Hakusho,having massively hypersonic speeds for mid tiers(mach 700+),destructive capacity reaching Country Level and above,a sub relativistic character(Tengu Buranchi) and a sortment of hax like Coco's Poison and Sani's Devil Hair,and the verse is improving fast with huge boosts after each arc.