Tiberius 18370

Much more than your everyday psycho.

Character Name: Tiberius

Universe Name: Demonbane

Status in regards to the plot: Villain

Tier in the series: Low tier

Gender: Male, based on his corpse...otherwise N/A

Powers and Abilites: Super strength, durability, speed, immortality (type 3, 4 and 7), powerful tentacle, regeneration (Low high), soul control, can revive dead people, mindfuck, magic expert

Destructive Capability: At least wall level+ (attack not focus on destructive, but strong enough to heavily injure character like Magius Kurou with barrier)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (reacted rail gun bullets from a point blank only get hit due being suprised, can move faster than serveral bullets in close range and easily silce people before their body respond to injure)

Intelligence: Despite being a maniac and psycho, he sure know how to mess up with people

Stamina: Definitely not needed thanks to his grimoire and immortality

Durability: Large building level+ (regeneration and immortality make him hard to kill)

Race: Former human / Demi human

Occupation: Magician, rapist, psycho, socerer and deus machina pilot

Range: Extanded melee range

Weakness: If his head get cutted, it will need a long time to fully regen also if he lost grimoire than it would mean 'death' to him, very cocky and like toy with people

Accurary: Can kill serveral people without damaged the terran around

Standard Equipment: His grimoire and Beelzubuth

Other: This is Tiberius from Zanmataisei Demonbane

Battle History in The Arena: