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The Arena is a place of battles. Battles being the key word here. This is not a place for fanfics or fantasies. Just pure logic and reasoning are the only weapons you have here. If you wanted to write fanfics, there's a place called the Writer's Cove, where they have some pretty interesting stories and works written there. Different from popularity contest.


Some things to note in the Arena.

-Read the RULES first before doing anything

-DBZ is not the strongest verse there is

-Goku is not the strongest character there is and neither is Negi or Rakan

-Superman DOES beat Goku

-Demotivational posters are used often for the lulz and when going against trolls

-Chatspeak is often a 'to be frowned upon' material

Surviving the Arena

Please note that when making new threads in the Arena, try to think about the power levels and do a bit of research. This way it opens the doors to some interesting debates and disscussions. One of the exceptions to this might be when another member keeps posting stomp threads in their character's favour over, and over again. Then by all means post a stomp thread to shut them down since it gets really annoying after awhile.

Also, a thing of importance to note, when it is clear that you have lost an argument, with evidence given and other members have also debunked your argument, it's OK to admit defeat. This way

1 You do not seem like an ignorant person

2 Your dignity is still intact

3 The matter can come to a worthwhile conclusion

Also keep in mind not to pick on the newbs. Newbs with a ew instead of the oo. They are just simply new members and it takes some time to adjust. We all know that it's tempting to pick on them, but don't.Instead, try to correct them if they have stated something wrong because after all, it is our duty to do so. Unless they're asking to be picked on.

One more important thing, DO NOT BRING RELIGON INTO THE ARENA. It causes shitstorms of epic proportions

For your own well being, we ask you to read the example of thread not to create...

Also see the most used verses in The Arena battle. For Character Profile see here: partI, partII.

A good read to make solid arguments


Not for overly fanatics fans or troll....


Notable Members

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