Tenchi with 3 Light Hawk Wings

Character Name: Tenchi Masaki

Universe Name: Tenchi Muyo!

Status in regards to the plot: Main character/Hero

Powers and Abilites: Super strength, super speed, enhanced stamina/endurance, skilled swordsman | super strength, super speed, regeneration, possesses 3 - 6 Light Hawk Wings, material conversion, teleportation, travel, skilled swordsman, can alter law of physicial of the universe | Omnipotence

Destructive Capability: Building level | Planet to above universe level+ via powerscaling | Multiverse/omniverse level+

Speed: Significantly above peak human, possibly supersonic | At least several times FTL based on other LHW characters | Omnipresent

Intelligence: High school/College level education, knowledge of various alien cultures, dimensions, and technologies, skilled swordsman | Same as base | Omniscient

Stamina: Superhuman | Seemingly inexhaustible | Infinite

Durability: Large building level+ | Above universe level+ base on weaker character | Multiverse/omniverse level+

Race: Human/Alien hybrid, Cosmic Anomaly, Divine Avatar, God

Occupation: High Schooler | Farmer, object of interest for alien and cosmic being | Highest Being in Tenchi Muyo! verse


Other: This profile separated into 3 parts, each divided by a |. The first is Base Tenchi, the second is Tenchi with use of the Light Hawk Wings, the third is Kami Tenchi.