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Plot Information:

Sword Art online is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated be Abec.

Sword Art Online Vol 01 cover

Sword Art Online. the main characters Kirito (on the left) and Asuna (on the right)

Here's a synopsis from the baka suki translation site:

Escape was impossible until it was cleared, a game over would mean an actual "death"―.
Without knowing the "truth" of the mysterious next generation MMO, 'Sword Art Online(SAO)', approximately ten thousand users logged in together, opening the curtains to this cruel death battle.
Participating alone in SAO, protagonist Kirito had promptly accepted the "truth" of this MMO.
And in the game world, a gigantic floating castle named 'Aincrad', he distinguished himself as a solo player.
Aiming to clear the game by reaching the highest floor, Kirito riskily continued alone.
Because of a pushy invitation from a female warrior and rapier expert, Asuna, he teamed up with her.
That encounter brought about an opportunity to call out to the fated Kirito―.

Background Information:

This verse is full of mostly street to building lvl destructive power. Beasts like dragons and other monsters can be tamed and swords, magic and guns are used depending on the game. The main characters rely mostly on their movement and reaction speed (Kirito has actually over come his enemies durability and armor by using his supersonic speed to add to his attack power). There are also magical swords that can faze through the opponents guard. High lvl bosses in the game have been known to kill players in one hit and one of the high teirs has actually abandoned his body to live in the games and so acts like the god of this verse.

There are currently 7 volumes. The first 2 are in SAO (the 2nd one being mostly side stories taking place in that game). The players only use melee weapons with the exception of throwing knives. The only magic used is for healing, teleportation and antidotes using a crystal like gem item, but there are magical beasts. 3 and 4 are in ALO (Alfheim Online) which is a magical VRMMORPG (virtual reality massively multiplayer online role playing game, try saying that 5 time) that is based on Norse Mythology. The players can choose between a veriety of different fairy like races. 5 and 6 are in GGO (Gun Gale Online) where guns are the primary weapons of the game. The last volume took place in renewed ALO (combined with Aincrad tower from SAO) heres the site to read SAO

Standing in The Arena:

Still relativily new, SAO hasnt been used in the arena before but is still a good verse. Its powerful enough to beat Naruto and Bleach. One Piece im not to sure though. With their admin authority power, while in their verse definetly. But fighting in another non VR game verse, I don't think so.





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