Static Shock is an american animated series produced by Warnes Bros. Animation.


Virgil Ovid Hawkins is a teenage boy who accidently gained superpowers, the ability to manipulate electromagnetism, during a gang war. After Virgil found out about his powers, he decided to be a superhero and take out crimials

Virgil got his powers because the police shot a missle into a gas tank which caused an explosion, called the Big Bang, making everyone in the area gain superpowers. People that have superpowers from the Big Bang are called "Bang Babies."

Virgil's abilities are some what similiar to a Marvel Comic character named Magneto, though he is vastly less skilled and lacks Magneto's massive scale abilities. Even so, Hawkins has the potential to one day become as potent a threat.

Standing and Main powerEdit

Static Shock has alot of haxx like limited reality warping, timestop, a gadget that can stop and slow down time, and the ability to send someone to oblivion.

Static Shock is a part of the DC Universe. They have had a cross over with The justice Leauge.