kiraXlacus the best couple ever!

I'm silvercover.

I used to go to the arena before but was busy with reading manga, watching anime, and was more preoccupied with certain forums (kami nomi zo shiru sekai, nurarihyon no mago, etc).

Recently, I have come back and stuck there most of the time now. I don't really know how skilled my debating skills are but I do sometimes get my point across. I generally have never flamed a person or a troll for that matter. I'm pretty open so I dont get angry when I lose and barely let my fanboyism get the better of me in debates. I tend to prefer going for the underdog if I think they have a chance.

I'm a shipper obviously from my self-proclaimed title. Instead of actively searching for romance anime/manga, I look for romance in any anime/manga that I'm watching/reading respectively.

Notable wins: keima vs. all the girls but maybe in danger of losing it due to it being active again...

If you find a page that has several strikes, its probably mine.