Short for "Plot - Induced Stupidity"

PIS is a term used to refer to sequences in a story in which an otherwise competent or intelligent character does something idiotic. This is different from CIS in that CIS is due to a person being stupid, whereas PIS is due to a normally reasonable person doing something stupid. PIS can occur for a number of reasons; for example, if the author has a thing for a certain character and thus the antagonist or protagonist suddenly begins acting idiotic, during fight scenes or during major plot points in order to create a specific outcome for the purpose of the plot. This can last for a few chapters or scenes or for an entire arc. Therefore, sufficiently proven instances of PIS can be discounted as valid evidence.

PIS is, as a rule, excluded from most debates. However, the problem is determining what is PIS and what isn't. It's hardly an objective science, and many people have different opinions on what qualifies as PIS. It’s worth noting that PIS isn’t an end all be all claim that can cancel out your favorite characters mistakes or errors. If you abuse this or call it too frequently, you will fall into a trap of maintaining a biased argument A good example of PIS would be Sasuke’s entire fight in the five kage summit and his subsequent fight against Danzo; there is no objective reason that someone with techniques known for depleting energy reserves, damaging the body, and ruining stamina should have been able to survive a confrontation with multiple severely powerful and skilled opponents and realistically win. Masashi Kishimoto has become a rather controversial figure due such instances being rampant in his manga.

Another excellent example of PIS would be Batman being able to choke out the Hulk in a cross over or Captain America surviving battles against Class 100 top tiers.

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