Wanker gordoom

the mangafox wiki site's first enemy

Character Name: OtakuGod3

Universe Name: Our universe (unfortunetly)

Status in regards to the plot: Wanker, DBZ fanboy, Troll

Tier in the series: Mid tier aker and troll, somewhat higher

Gender: Unknown

Powers and Abilites: Able to wank any character, no matter how powerful the opposition is. (Even against omnipotents).

Destructive Capability: Massive. flamebaited the whole mangafox arena character section with a goku vs anyoe thread

Speed: Thinking speed: about as slow as a retarded turtle stuck on its back. posting speed: fast

Intelligence: can't get worse than troll lojik

Stamina: Able to wank for day on end

Durability: Able to take any kind of flame or logic you throw at him.

Race: singel celled organism. Humans are smarter than this abomination.

Occupation: troll

Range: As far as you can throw him

Weakness: Banning

Accurary: All his facts are worse than bullshit.

Standard Equipment: 100 inch chrome plated skull and a bag full of flamebait and bullshit.


Battle History in The Arena: