The most epic and coolest troll of fictional.

Character Name: Nyarlathotep

Character Alias: Nyala (Kishin Taido), Father Ny (Elder God Ending), Man of Clocks (Kishin Hishou), The God of Thousand Faces, Faceless God, Dark Pharaoh (epithet), Nya (Zanma Taisei)

Universe Name: Demonbane

Status in regards to the plot: Main Villain

Tier in the series: Top Tier

Gender: N/A, can appear as male or female or anything

Powers and Abilites:  [1]Reality warping, complete acausality and eternal, mundane or human's concepts can not apply to her, can manipulate oblivion and summon beings from it, time and space manipulation, incorporeal, mind and soul fuckery, causality manipulation, immortality (type 4 and 5), casually exists outside multiverses and megaverse , can change her shape to any forms as she likes, can stand on the between of fantasy and reality, atomic and quantum manipulation, probability and dream manipulation, body possession and control on fear, conceptual manipulation and dimensional manipulation, can to teleport objects and people through dimensions, universes, multiverses and can create or empowered beings, telepathic communication, mechanical and machine manipulation

Destructive Capability: Multi-Universe+ level (Klein Bottles held a Universe PER bottle with smaller dimensions.)

Travel Speed: Omnipresent (exist outside of time and space so concept of speed is pointless for her)

Reaction Speed: Irrelevant

Combat Speed: Irrelevant

Intelligence: Near omniscient

Stamina: Infinite

Durability: Multiversal (survived Athleta Aeternum which consists infinite amount of Demonbanes shoving Lemuria Impacts on his/her ass, and the combined power of 2 Shining Trapezohedrons, one of the Outer God along with Yog Sothoth that does not got sealed in the Shining Trapezohedron)

Race: Cosmic God, Outer God

Occupation: Guider, Gamekeeper, Troll (!), Sex Guide, etc

Range: Megaversal+ (total control on the Klein Bottle, a "World" consists infinite multiverses and dimensions, including an immesurable amounts of higher-dimensions and likely more since she is also control other "Worlds" outside Klein Bottle and perhaps running the whole Demonbane Universe on her own)

Weakness: PIS

Accurary: Is this really that important?

Standard Equipment: Clockwork Phantom, Anticross Deus Machinas of Elder God Ending, De Marginy's Clock (a much stronger version than those possessed by Demonbane and Liber Legis, capable manipulate time and space of from a higher dimension then super-dimension multiverses)

Lifting Strength: N/A (and certainly does not needed it)

Striking Strength: N/A (and certainly does not needed it)


Battle History in The Arena: