Karasu and also the main villain - Noein

Noein (full title: Noein: To Your Other Self) is an anime series directed by Kazuki Akane and Kenji Yasuda. It revolves around 12 - year - old Haruka Kaminogi and her friends living in the Japanese city of Hakodate.


- The story of Noein kinda hard to understand, but it's a great anime, it also involving reality warp, multiverse problem,... and the story revolves around an 12 years old kid with a "plot device" called Dragon Torque allow Haruka to warping on infinite amount of universes, and control quantum, changing a broken object of her universe to the other, also acted like an automatic defense system allow her to immune time stop, and speedblitzed from enemies. At the end of the series, with few experiance on using Dragon Torque, she finally reverse Noein's universe(s) absorbing ablity, released every single universes/dimensions from his control, erased his concept and from existance for...eternity.

- They also have powerful fighter such Dragon Knight, they capable to regenerate from a single atom (probably the smallest ones of Noein universe, but not yet to be discovered in Haruka's world), know as Reizu, in order to do that they need a wire with Reizu in it to supply them. They also capable firing strong energy blast, intangible, teleport, time stop and immnue,...

- The verse are incredibly powerful, no doubt that it's one of the strongest anime - manga universe but unfortunely it lack an omnipotent make it fall behind the top tiers.

- Lastly, Haruka Kaminogi > Haruhi Suzumiya.