Neco-arc MBAA


Character Name: Neco Arc

Universe Name: Nasuverse (Specifically Tsukihime/Melty Blood)

Status in regards to the plot: Mascot.

Tier in the series: Somewhere near the top. Is equal to 50% Arc.

Gender: .... Female?

Powers and Abilites: Super speed, strength, durability, shapeshifting, engergy manipulation, reality warping, probability manipulation, teleportation, flight.

Destructive Capability: Mountain- Island level with normal attacks, planetoid level via Moon Drop, likely higher.

Melty blood necoA ending

Neco Arc after falling from space

Speed: Hypersonic+ (can casually leave the atmosphere).

Intelligence: Who the **** knows.

Stamina: More or less unlimited.

Durability: Superhuman (survived atmospheric re-entry and crash landing).

Race: Leader of the Great Cats Village.

Melty blood necoB ending

I'm coming for you nyaa~~

Range: Hundereds of meters with beams, possibly Planet level with moon drop.

Weakness: Kohaku.

Accuracy: Yup.

Standard Equipment: 


Beams are so... Unisex.

Nothing notable.

Noteable Techniques:

Eye Beam: Shoots beams from her eyes.

Nyaa Rocket: Turns into a jet (Like a boss).

Great Cat Village Portal: Summons more Neco Arcs.

Moon Drop: Drops the Moon on the Earth. 

Arc Drive: Similar to Arcueid, Neco Arc summons up chains to attack and bind her opponent...only this time the chains are made of multiple Neco Arcs lining up together.

Last Arc: Breaks the fourth wall by summoning the author, Kinoko Nasu himself!

Unlimited Neco Arcs

Unlimited Neco Arcs

Unlimited NecoArc Works!

Other: Neco Arc is meant to be a joke character as a parody of Arcueid Brunestud.

Battle History in The Arena: