Character Name: Monkey D. Luffy
Luffy D. Monkey

Has Nakama, doesn't use Nakama-power

Universe Name: One Piece

Status in regards to the plot: Main Protagonist

Tier in the series: High Tier

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilites: Superhuman strength, speed and durability, rubber body due to devil fruit, Haki user and highly adaptive combatant (was able to find weaknesses of people even on the verge of death), extreme sense of smell (was able to tell a building was a restaurant several kilometers away and smell food miles away while he was in the desert), extreme temperature resistance (was able to withstand the enourmous heat on level 4 in Impel Down and withstand the cold on Level 5 in Impel Down), high recovery rate (has survived mortal wounds and attacks such as being mummified, buried alive in the desert, covered with numerous kinds of poison, stabbed through with Crocodile's hook), resistance to poison (received after he recovered from Megellan's poisons), extremely resistant to blunt attacks and most physical attacks due to rubber body (was able to withstand an island splitting punch by Asgarx Moria), immune to electric attacks, Limited fire-manipulation, Pre-cognition with Haki, 


Destructive Capability: Town Level+ with base attacks, around City Level with Elephant Gattling Gun (Managed to severly damage Noah which was half the size of fishman island). 

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Mach 48) ever highter in Gear secoud mode.

Intelligence: Not that smart when it comes to academic intelligence but high on interpersonal intelligence, athletic intelligence and battle intelligence (created a technique to beat another powerful technique after seeing it once)

Stamina: Very high, can continuously fight strong opponents even while heavily injured

Durability: Town level+ (took hits from Chinjao and Asgard Moria), has high restistance to blunt force and immunity to lightning attacks even up to 200 million voltage.

Race: Human, Devil Fruit User

Occupation: Captain of the Strawhat pirates, Pirate.

Range: Hundreds of meters with stretched limbs.

Weaknesses: Becomes immoblized when covered in water, Kairoseki can take away his Devil Fruit Power, due to rubber body, he is weak against cutting and piercing attacks 

Accurary: Can accurately throw punches from a distance, also has pre-cog to further increase accuracy

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