Biri Biri.

Character Name: Misaka Mikoto

Epithet: The Railgun, Ace of Tokiwadai, Number Three, The Strongest Electromaster

Universe Name: To Aru Majutsu no Index/To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Status in regards to the plot: Primary Character, Protagonist

Gender: Female

Powers and Abilites: Electromagnetic Manipulation. She can fire electricity up to 5 billion volts, can summon actual lightning from the sky, can use Radar Sense to keep track of her surroundings, can stick to walls using magnetism, can control iron sand in surroundings and use it as a sword or various other forms, can fly by splitting hydrogen from water, can hack into computers easily, resistance to mindf*ck via electric power

Destructive Capability: City Block DC at max output.

Speed: Hypersonic(Mach 5) base speed, Hypersonic+ reactions.

Intelligence: Genius

Stamina: Superhuman

Durability: Peak Human, can utilize powers to create shields from surrounding metal.

Race: Human

Occupation: Middle School Student, Level 5 ESPer

Range: 50 Meters with Railgun, Dozens of Meters with other attacks.

Weakness: Avoids Killing

Accurary: Extremely Accurate

Standard Equipment: Arcade Token for use in Railgun

Other: N/A


Railgun: Fires metal objects at three times the speed of sound using her electricity. It has a muzzle velocity of 1030 m/s (2307.2 mph), and can be fired at a rate of 8 shots per minute. Note: She has hinted she can fire multiple coins at once creating a Rail-Shotgun, however this has never been seen so is useless for Arena purposes.

Lightning Spear Attack: Mikoto has the ability to generate a "spear of lightning" originating from her forehead.

Electromagnetic Pulse: Can target organs using pulse.

Electromagnetic Waves: Acts like a Sonar to tell her where attacks are coming from, and protects her from Mind reading and Mindf*ck.


Mikoto's Wings

Iron Sand Manipulation:
Her most recognizable form of this power is when she makes a Vibrating Whip Sword from it, but she can manipulate it into several different forms.

Flight: She can fly if she is surrounded by a large amount of atomised water vapor. By using her electric power to induce electrolysis on a large body of water such as the ocean, she can obtain enough hydrogen and oxygen to use as fuel.

Electrical Discharge: She can create thunderstorms, produce heavy electric discharges and superheat the air. this discharge can change in voltage and amperage. her own body produces a maximum of 5 billion volts with 500,000 amp on her normally but it can be higher or lower.

Battle History in The Arena:

Notable MF Victories:

-Gaara (Naruto)

-HST Gauntlet (HST) (Note: She cleared as Level 6, but Level 5 should stop at either R2 Ulquiorra or Aizen) 

-Pikachu (Pokemon) (Note: This was Ash's Pikachu, although it is unlikely Red's Pikachu would have won)

Notable MF Losses: