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Even Rei says so...

Example of failed battle threads in The Arena.

By any means please don't create similiar threads to these:

Sasuke vs. Silver Surfer

Marvel vs Naruto

Naruto vs LT

Several Goku vs Superman

Galactus vs Ichigo

Superman vs Ichigo

TOAA vs Naruto verse

Magneto vs Aizen

Itachi vs Byakuta- 2 Trolls showed up and started to troll. The members of the Arena all had fun trolling back and had a party afterwords

Ichigo Kurosaki vs Yusuke Urameshi (A troll went wild with the report button. The thread was permenantly delted because of the sheer stupidity the troll gave. Edit: This thread might be the reason 4 debators were banned.)

Goku vs Anyone thread (this thread was permenantly deleted due to it's insane amounts of stupidity and illogical reasoning despite other debaters attempts to correct the user, thus no trace of it remains)

Anything OtakuGod3 has created, such as: This

I have also made several stomp threads but i make it perfectly clear that they are just joke stomp threads that are for fun. -zer0light

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