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Destructive Capabilities:
Elder God Demonbane defeated and sealed all Outer Gods along with evil gods such as the Great Old Ones (beings that existed inside the Shining Trapezohedron). As a result of displaying such power against beings that can very well erase any universe, multiverse, megaverse with their power, it can presumably destroy anything.

Range of Operation: Beyond the concept of existence

Durability: Unknown

Performance: Unknown

Combat Speed: Irrelevant/Omnipresence

Striking Strength: Beyond concept

Weaknesses: None notable


  • Maintains access of the weapons of its lesser versions, Demonbane  and Mars Demonbane
  • Athleta Aeternum
  • Shining Trapezohedron
  • Lemuria Impact and Ain Soph Aur

Notable Abilities:

Maintains all of the abilities of Demonbane and Mars Demonbane while expressing the ability to rewrite reality, completely control time, and manipulate matter (among other things) [citation needed]. A key ability that Elder God Demonbane has expressed before is the ability to create different versions of itself for a wide variety of purposes [citation needed]. For example, due to its lack of limits with regards to controlling reality, it could--using this ability to copy itself--create infinite copies for the sole purpose of fighting whatever the enemy in question is.

Final Clarification: Elder God Demonbane is a fully abstract being that can exist outside of spacetime and reality. As a result of its lack of limitations by the physical realm, it can be considered omnipotent in the most objective sense. With that said, the full extent of its capacity is entirely unknown, but what can be said with total certainty is that it cannot be destroyed by anything of the natural realm, nor any of the other Great Old Ones. Only Azathoth is technically more powerful than Elder God Demonbane because it is the source of the reality that Elder God Demonbane manipulates. right|link=

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