Guess I have to make page myself, beside I don't have anyone I can trust for.


- Well, about myself...*searching my data*...ok, here it is...

- I'm a member of Mangafox Arena joined the in 2010 during the middle of March.

- Like bashing and mock noobie who just join The Arena and know nothing.

My enemy: Any made of fail like OtakuGod3 and Akatsuki_King.

My allies: I'm not very popular and lazy to post so only a few debater in The Arena.

- I'm also has knowledge on many fiction, with little comic knowledge from Endless Mike of OBD.

Fiction that I support/has knowledge on:

- Gunbuster

- Diebuster

- Heroic Age

- One Piece

- Naruto

- Gundam

- Gaogaigar

- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

- Eureka Seven

- Zegapain

- Deadman Wonderland

- Dragon Ball

- Heroman

- Break Blade


- Full Metal Panic (Anime only)

- Code Geass

- Ghost in The Shell (Don't remember much)

- Ruler of The Land

- Macross (Frontier and Zero)

- Reideen (2005)

- Neon Genesis Evangelion

- Megas XLR

- Air Gear

- Beelzebub

- Death Note

- Full Metal Alchemist

- Inuyasha

- Law of Ueki (Same as Ghost in The Shell)

- Shaman King

- Ragnarok The Animation

- Tsubasa Chronicle

- Demonbane (When you mentioned this then my fanboy side will awake and goes rampage, careful)

- Toaru no Majutsu Index (Expect WW3 arc)

- Also the co - creator of this wiki, Omniversal.

- Has been unbanned after try to correct this "Made of Pure Fail" with Watching Dog, noex.

- Get banned for 2 times but who care...