God enel

Hello, I'm a debater in the Mangafox Arena. I joined Mangafox on August 2009. I was only reading manga at first. Then i start posting on the Arena later on.

When i first start to post on the arena. I was a hardheaded fanboy. I thought Goku can beat Superman in combat and could kill him with Kamekameha LOL. And i used to think WhiteBeard could beat DBZ verse and that he could destroy the Earth based on hyperpole. But there are some debater in there that change my way of thinking, most noteably is a debater who change his name, so i'm not sure what his name is now, but the last time i remember it is Lucifer Morningstar. Definitely one of the top debator in Mangafox (actually he comes from OBD). I know better now, i know Superman DOES rape Goku.

I'm a very agressive debator. When i debate i tend to get off topic easily.It is one of my bad point. Sometimes it's a really long debate with some. Like with this guy who think Zabuza have a chance to beat Arlong. It was over a week. Well i didn't convince him or anything since i was mostly cussing at him.

I like Manga(One Piece, Yaiba, Toriko, Kyou Kara Ore Wa, Change 123, Ruler of the Land, Pokemon, Pokemon Pippi etc), Cartoon(Family Guy, American Dad, Bob Burger etc), Comic(never read any but really want to), and i love wankers. They are just full of LULZ. I don't get along well with Noex1337, and I tend to rage when in a heated debate with this user.