Jae Hyuk in the black and Depore behind him.

Character Name: Chae Jae Hyuk, Regis Nex

Universe Name: Immortal Regis/Cavalier of the Abyss

Status in regards to the plot: Main character, villain, [anti hero?]

Tier in the series: Top tier 2nd to Caladbolg

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilities: Increased strength, speed, endurance, negative magic (can be useed to create armor, dark claw, etc.), regeneration.

Destructive Capability:


Intelligence: Fairly smart in terms of combat

Stamina: He's undead so pretty high

Durability: Can survive without major organs except for brain (removal of brain hasn't been tested yet)

Race: Former human, undead human

Occupation: IM: Former student, zombie servent. CotA: Regis of Chaos

Range: Specializes in close combat

Weakness: Use to need the blood of his master to survive but he can live without blood now.


Standard Equipment: Depore; a powerful sentiant blade that can change shape and project an astral body.

Other: (external infomation or some note)

Battle History in The Arena: