Short for "Character - Induced Stupidity"

CIS refers to a characters inability to make maximum use of their abilitiesbecause of idiocy, ignorance, morality, a sense of adventure, mental issues, or any other personal character trait. Simply put, these characters often fight stupidly, do not go for the kill instantly, or as said above don't make full use of their powers for various reasons. CIS can be controversial or painful for more die hard fans to own up to when in a debate, due to it at times meaning one needs to concede that one of their favorite characters is....well....a complete idiot. Other times, in cases like Superman and Batman, the character possesses the ability to make use of lethal force but refuse to do so due to their own moral codes. This is not a bad thing, nor is should it be seen as such under most circumstances. In some cases, though, it can be a “what the hell hero” moment.

CIS, unlike PIS , is usually on by default on most vs boards. While blood lust does diminish, and in some cases entirly remove, CIS, this is not always the case. A good example would be Zaraki Kempachi who is always blood lusted yet acts fantastically dumb at times; another example would be Superman who despite at times being blood lusted does not use lethal force barring extreme circumstances and thus likely would not resort to lethal force in a match even bloodlusted if he could avoid doing so.

Good examples of CIS would be Pein being convinced by Naruto’s speech and doing a heel face turn despite adhering to fanatically a philosophy and out look on life that was diametrically opposed to everything Naruto believes in and espoused in his speech, to the extent that he had a knee jerk psychological reaction that resulted in him nearly wiping out an entire village when previously lectured in such a manner. This would be primarily CIS to one of the most extreme degrees in recent fiction (the last five years or so) while also an element of PIS as well.

Superboy prime is a good example of CIS both due to his own massive idiocy and instability but also in that he has a jobber aura that makes for characters not using their abilities to their fullest around him, while he seems to just bash and punch cry and shoot eye beams.

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