V01 Character2 Asuna

Character Name: Asuna "Lightning Flash" (online name and title given because of her speed with a rapier), Yuki Asuna (reallife name)

Universe Name: Sword Art Online

Status in regards to the plot: main character

Tier in the series: top tier

Gender: female

Powers and Abilites: Inhanced speed, reaction speed, strength, durability, can sense and loccate hidden opponents, fly (ALO only), heal (ALO only), breath underwater (ALO only), healing magic (ALO only)

Destructive Capability: hard to measure because the light novel uses game mechanics

Speed: at least supersonic

Intelligence: high, went to the best prep schools, was the 2nd in command of one of the best guilds. good at stratagy, tactics and math.

Stamina: high

Durability: hard to measure because the light novel uses game mechanics

Race: human (SAO and in reality), Undine (ALO and GGO arcs only)

Occupation: high school Student and former 2nd in command of the Knights of Blood oath , healer in ALO

Range: far with magic but uses a sword for combat most of the time

Weakness: Lower durability because she focuses on speed, in ALO there was a time limit for how long you could fly. That limit has been removed.

Accurary: high being a rapier user

Standard Equipment: (SAO) rapier called Lament Light, healing crystals, antidote crystals and teleportation crystals, potions and antidote potions. (ALO) a rapier, a staff for magic use and health potions.

Other: abilities and skills:

sword skills: In game abilities that allows the user to preform high powered, high speed attacks that the player cannot usually preform by just swinging a weapon around.To activate one, the player must take a certain position and the system will move their body to preform the skill. ex. to preform a quick draw strike, one must postition their body in the correct stance with is to hold the scabard and blade by their waste and stand sideways to the target. by takeing the stance, the system recognises the stance and does the rest, this is called "system assist".

Battle History in The Arena:

Sword Art Online 4 - 001

ALO: during Fairy Dance arc.

Sword Art Online Vol 06 -259

GGO: Asunas avatar in ALO during GGO arc