The Assassin Games reside in the Spam section of MangaFox. It came to the site along with a migration of animeEDEN members after their site shut down. The basic concept is to root out the "assassins" from within the normal "villagers". However, as the games continued, new themes and concepts have been made. Different games have specialized rules that apply only to them or to the games hosted by the GM. Many different factions can persist, sometimes with no apparent "assassin" group at all.

Names to know in Assassin Games:

  • Emerelda (The Empress of AG Section, right before the rise of AG moderator. An ex-AE)
  • Jarrett (The one who created the first AG, also an ex-AE)
  • Montezuma (The moderator of AG, arrives much later into AG section)
  • Juan (Another moderator of AG, become a mod because the staff likes him even thought he isn't as veteran as me >.<)

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@Everyone: I would be handling the AG section, okay?

We just need a section for AG members.